Providence general information


The Corps with the largest influence in Providence are Ares Macrotechnology and Saeder-Krupp Schwerindustriegesellschaft. Their rivalry in Providence has been comparatively peaceful – more bidding wars than actual wars. For instance, 5 years ago S-K's Sternschutz underbid Ares' Knight Errant for the Police contract of the city. The cooperation shown in last month's Artemis Incident is likely to improve local relations between the two even further.

Providence's central industry in 2075 is aerospace, and most smaller companies not providing local goods or services work in that sector, generally contracting their services to Ares, Saeder-Krupp, or UCAS.

Recently, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies has begun muscling in, and their operations have been noticeably less friendly. Even still, competition between mega-corps tends to produce advantages for consumers, and sinners have generally enjoyed the price reductions as compared to the effective joint monopoly of Ares and Saeder-Krupp.


Organized Crime

The Mafia has held great influence in Providence since the early 20th century. Today, two families dominate, the Patriarca family (generally considered the more powerful), and the O'Conner family. While their rivalry has been occasionally violent, that violence has been kept private for the past 30 years, with no collateral deaths since that last war.

As Mitsuhama moves into Providence, the Yakuza come with them. And while being caught between competing corporation may be beneficial, being caught between competing criminal organizations is quite the opposite. Companies too small to protect themselves are forced to pick sides – inviting retribution from the other. The effect is even worse for the sinless, who cannot count on the Sternschutz to even to to protect them.

No discussion of organized crime in Providence could be complete without mention of Brown University: Half private university, half criminal enterprise, Brown provides a haven to sinless intellectuals, and student who wish to learn, but are prevent from attending more traditional institutions – and can come up with the nuyen. Located in an extensive tunnel system beneath the city, Brown maintains guards on the entrances with military hardware which combine with the labyrinthine tunnels containing unknown dangers to ensure that no one attempts to bother Brown without an extremely good reason – which the University goes out of its way not to provide.


Street Gangs

The Providence Barrens – formerly downtown Providence, now abandoned by the law and law-abiding citizens – see constant violence between several street gangs. They fight for anything and everything, but foremost for territory. 

The Ancients have a sizable chapter in Providence, and make their presence known on the surrounding interstates as well. Other gangs include a chapter of the Cutters, the Blood Brigade, and the Ettins.


Other Groups

The Draco Foundation maintains offices in the city.

Like almost every other city, Providence has a sizable humanis policlub presence.

While effectively part of the Boston sprawl, Providence is legally its own city (the capital of a state even!), so has it's own goverment – one deeply tied into the megacorps and the mafia.



Providence general information

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