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The Night Market

"These markets appear all around Manhattan at various coordinated times. This Night Market is a part of the black market, which deals in illicit, hard-to-acquire, and forbidden
items. This Night Market is set up quickly—customers roll in, having been given details of where the Night Markets were going to be beforehand, and conduct business quickly. Once NYPD or the other security companies start to move in, the Night Market breaks down and disappears into the Underground before they can be caught. In previous years, this market has only been available at night, in remote areas on the island. Nowadays, Night Markets have become much bolder, conducting business during rush hours in high-traffic areas." – Stolen Souls p123

The Night Market also visits the Pit. While these appearances are meant as much as dress rehearsals as anything else, the Night Market is still one of the best places to acquire rare items. The location is only revealed in advance to those who have proven themselves good customers, so attendance requires an invitation – or a lot of luck.

The Luck of the Draw

A pawn shop run by a human named Jack Drace. A good place to buy or sell random odds and ends, less good if you're looking for something in particular.  

Types for sale: all used.

Default availability: 0

Availability pool: 6

Has craft skill: No

Base Cost: 50%

Haggling: 14

Types purchased: All, cost <= 5,000

Base offer: 10%

Other Places to Buy

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